• Series 59 Linear Servo Amplifier


  • Active isolation systems
  • Linear stages, theta and Z-axis
  • Integrated circuit manufacturing and inspection
  • Air bearings, gantry systems
  • High accuracy assembly/measurement
  • Optical positioning and scanners
  • Robotic processes

Motor Type:- Brush
- Voice Coil
Power Amplifier:2-Axis Low Gain Linear DC
Peak Output Power:36 W (per axis)
Voltage:15.0VDC, 24-36 VDC
Peak Current:2 amps (per axis)
Package/Mounting:3U Eurocard Pluggable Module
Features:• Modified version of our standard Series 59 amplifier, designed for low gain and low crossover distortion
• Two independent high performance linear servo amplifiers control DC brush motors torque and voice coil or linear motors force
• Linear operating mode does not emit EMI, has high servo stiffness, and no dead zone
• DSP platform provides programmable configuration, fault protection, self-test, calibration, and status reporting via RS232 port
• Fault protection for amplifier SOA, over and under voltage, temperature, current overloads, and motor shorts
• Accepts analog command signals from a digital motion controller
• Medium and low voltage models available
Full Data Sheet:PDF

**Made in U.S.A.**