High Performance Servo Amplifiers for Industrial Automation and Robotic Systems & Worldwide Leader in Linear Servo Amplifiers and Precision Motion Controls

Our Story

Since 1984, we have been providing precision motion control products for applications that require closed servo loop performance. In 2007, Peak Servo Corporation merged with Eltrol Corporation to further strengthen our position as a leader in high performance servo amplifier technology. Today, we bring together the latest advancements in digital and analog technologies to produce the industry’s best performing and most reliable Linear Servo Amplifiers, PWM Servo Amplifiers, and Phase Locked Servos. In addition to our wide variety of standard products, we specialize in developing custom solutions for our customer’s unique requirements. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Industrial Applications

 Industrial Automation
• Semiconductor Metrology
• Inspection & Measurement
• Precision Stages
• Optical Scanning
• Robotics
• Active Damping Systems
• Military / Defense
• Telescope Tracking
• Medical / Bio-medical


New Products