PEAK SERVO offers a broad range of servo amplifiers at competitive prices, with design assistance for your custom amplifier requirements.

Linear Servo AmplifiersLinear control is especially important for high performance position or velocity control systems and noise sensitive environments where PWM switching cannot be tolerated. We bring together the latest in digital and analog technology to produce the highest performance linear servo amplifiers in the industry. Our digital models feature a high speed DSP for easy-to-use control and monitoring functionality. Our proprietary design for the linear power stages provides the ultimate in ultra-low force/torque ripple for smooth motion.Linear stages, active damping systems, air bearings, gantry systems, IC manufacturing and inspection, high accuracy placement, laser machining,
optical positioning.
PWM Servo AmplifiersPWM amplifiers are suitable for a wide range of applications with greatly reduced power dissipation in comparison with linear servo amplifiers. Our PWM amplifiers provide closed loop four quadrant PWM control of velocity or force or torque of linear or rotary motors (brush or brushless). The amplifiers accept velocity feedback via tachometer, encoder, or Hall sensors. Our fully digital DSP-based PWM amplifiers are software configurable for maximum flexibility and easy set up.Wheel drives, X-Y stages, air bearings, robotic systems, factory automation and IC manufacturing and inspection.
Phase Locked Servos Our phase locked servos are ideal for ultra-precise speed
regulation of brushless motors over a broad range of speeds,
including greater than 50,000 RPM. Velocity feedback can be
derived from the motor commutation sensors, incremental
encoder, or a laser scanner. The high efficiency switch mode
power output stage employs a four-quadrant PWM drive scheme,
which minimizes EMI in noise sensitive applications and improves
motor efficiency. Frequency synthesizer circuits provide a
programmable frequency (speed) command from a precise crystal
Laser scanners, high speed air bearing spindles, high accuracy machining, high speed material sorting,hard drive head testers, wafer spinners and centrifuge.
Custom SolutionsWe can provide cost-effective, customized solutions to meet your
unique motion control requirements.
Discontinued ProductsA list of discontinued products is available here. Contact Peak Servo to obtain a suitable replacement. We continue to provide repair service and documentation for our discontinued products.