• Electric vehicles
  • Robotic systems
  • Factory automation
  • Precision machining

Motor Type:- Brushless
- Brush
- Voice Coil
Switching Frequency:40 KHz
Voltage:24-160 VDC
Peak Current:20-60 amps
Package/Mounting:3U Eurocard w/ Discrete Connectors
Features:• High performance DSP based servo controls motor force or torque – control of velocity or position using the motor’s Hall or encoder signals is an option
• Controls brush-type, brushless-trapezoidal, and brushless-sinusoidal motors
• Proprietary PWM software controlled switching scheme yields ultra-low ripple at low current levels, zero crossover distortion, and minimizes EMI in noise sensitive applications
• Fault protection makes this drive virtually indestructible
• Operates from a single 24 - 160 VDC regulated or unregulated power supply or battery
Full Data Sheet:PDF

**Made in U.S.A.**