• Linear stages, air bearings, gantry systems
  • Integrated circuit manufacturing/inspection
  • High accuracy assembly/measurement
  • Laser machining

Motor Type:Brushless
Power Amplifier:Linear Hall-Sine Drive
Peak Output Power:800 W
Voltage:26-56 VDC
Peak Current:18 amps
Package/Mounting:3U Eurocard Pluggable Module
Features:• High performance Linear Servo Amplifier controls brushless linear or rotary motor force or torque
• Sinusoidal commutation signals are derived from the linear Hall devices integral to the motor using proprietary circuits
• Linear operating mode does not emit EMI, has high servo stiffness, and no dead zone
• Sinusoidal control of the motor current minimizes force or torque ripple - this provides very smooth velocity and precise nanometer position accuracy
• Fault protection for amplifier over temperature, current overloads, and motor shorts
Full Data Sheet:PDF

**Made in U.S.A.**