• Series 41 Phase Lock Servo Controller


  • Laser scanners
  • High speed air bearing spindles
  • High accuracy machining and grinding
  • Memory disk and head testers
  • Wafer spinners
  • Centrifuge

Motor Type:Brushless
Switching Frequency:24-80 KHz
Voltage:40-55 VDC
Peak Current:10 amps
Package/Mounting:6U Eurocard Pluggable Module
Features:• Speed regulation of <±0.001% can be achieved with precision spindles and feedback devices
• Controls brushless motors over a wide speed range: 100 to over 50,000 RPM
• Switching frequency of 24 to 80KHz allows operation with low inductance motors
• Accepts external or internal frequency (speed) command
• Frequency synthesizer circuits provide a programmable frequency (speed) command from a precise crystal reference
• Velocity feedback can be derived from the motor commutation sensors, incremental encoder, or a laser scanner
• Optional input for low air pressure interlock will disable the motor drive when controlling externally pressurized air bearings
• Digital inputs for Enable/Reset, Brake, Internal/External frequency command, Direction of rotation
• Fault protection circuits for over temperature, over speed, over voltage, current overload, motor stall
Full Data Sheet:PDF

**Made in U.S.A.**