• Series 42 PWM Servo Amplifier


  • X-Y stages, air bearings, robotic systems
  • Integrated circuit manufacturing/inspection
  • Electronic assembly
  • Factory automation
  • Precision grinding machines

Motor Type:-Brush
-Voice Coil
Switching Frequency:24-80 KHz
Voltage:26-55 VDC
Peak Current:18 amps
Package/Mounting:3U Eurocard Pluggable Module
Features:• High performance Servo Amplifier controls brush type linear or rotary motors
• Differential amplifier for input command and velocity feedback provides high noise and common-mode rejection
• Accepts encoder or tachometer for velocity feedback
• High efficiency PWM drive scheme minimizes EMI in noise sensitive applications
• Fault protection for over temperature, over speed, over voltage, current overloads, and motor stall
Full Data Sheet:PDF

**Made in U.S.A.**