OEM Modules

  • 3U Eurocard Pluggable Module

Most of Peak Servo’s servo amplifier products have been designed in a 3U Eurocard form factor. This provides OEMs with a flexible control solution for building space-efficient, multi-axis, 3U-high, Eurorack systems. Our compact 3U Eurocard modules measure only 220x100mm (8.661×3.937 inches), and use a 48-pin connector that plugs into a standardized chassis and backplane. The modules can be easily plugged in and removed for maintenance or troubleshooting, minimizing machine downtime. This is especially important in mission critical, high-throughput machines where the cost of machine downtime is prohibitive.

  • 6U Eurocard Pluggable Module

Peak Servo’s Series 41 Phase Lock Servos have been designed in a 6U Eurocard form factor. At 233x160mm (9.173×6.299 inches), this accommodates the larger circuit board required and features dual connectors. The 6U Eurocard modules retain all of the other advantages described above for the 3U Eurocard.

  • 3U Eurocard Module with Discrete Connectors

Peak Servo’s Series 58 and Series 560 Digital Servo Amplifiers have been designed in a 3U Eurocard form factor with discrete connectors. These modules are typically used by OEMs in systems where the compact size is advantageous but where standard discrete connections for power supply, motor output, control signals, etc., are desired.

Chassis/Rack Systems

  • Dual-Axis Chassis

Peak Servo’s Series 45 Linear Servo Amplifiers are available with an optional 2-axis open frame chassis with backplane.

  • Multi-Axis Subrack System          (Coming soon)

The Multi-Axis Subrack System consists of an open frame chassis with backplane, power supply, cooling fans, and up to 4 amplifier modules mounted on the chassis.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is available. Please contact us.