While performance of the power stage of an analog servo drive is comparable with a digital servo drive, digital (DSP) technology provides significant advantages in setup, configuration, diagnostics, and intelligence. Peak Servo incorporates the latest advancements in drive resident microprocessor technology in its new DSP-based Linear and PWM servo amplifiers.

Configuration and set up is greatly simplified through the use of programmable software. The operating configuration – motor type, motor parameters, operating voltage, peak and continuous current limits, and system parameters for velocity or position control are all input by the user to a PC based setup program which automatically downloads the information, with the computed algorithm, into the flash memory of the drive via an RS-232 port. The drive can be reconfigured at any time by running the setup program. This can reduce inventoried product variations by allowing the user to stock one drive component which is electronically configured for each unique application on an “as needed” basis.

Our digital servos feature sophisticated monitoring to ensure reliable performance, including comprehensive monitoring of the safe operating area (SOA) of the output devices and system-wide management of thermal parameters.